With increase of urbanization around the world makes the mining and minerals sector more important for overall industrial growth. Each project for us is unique and we seek to find the best solutions possible. Our partnership involves listening and asking right questions to understand our clients’ ambitions and challenges.

Sketch Art provides expert support for the complete mine life cycle. We work closely with our client throughout the process to meet their needs and optimize operations.

New sustainable solutions are in need of raw materials extracted with the most efficient processes. Resources on Earth are not endless, and assets around the world are limited. SketchArt knows the importance of taking advantage and reuse our planet’s resources. Therefore, we pay close attention to environmental protection, process optimization, efficient use of energy and consumables, which are essential factors for any industrial project.


Conveyor systems

Stackers conveyors

Service platforms

Equipment Stands


Tubing systems

Steel constructions

Screening stations

Washing boxes

Hopers Silos

What we do

Project Management

Layout Design

Mechanical Engineering Calculation

3D Detail design

Strength calculation (FEM)

Manufacturing drawings

Preparation of files (DXF, IGS, DWG, and others)


Automation solution

On-site engineer


Qualified and experienced engineers

Competitive price with best ROI

Success in the industry

Flexible, fast response