SketchArt makes use of Tekla Structures to provide clients with such demands in steel. Tekla Structures is an amazing software used by SketchArt to meet all sorts of needs of the clients right from conceptual level steel models to final erection drawings, detailed shop drawings complete with all dimensions and details, and fabrication drawings. Our Engineers make use of TEKLA Structures to give their clients a wholesome package of drawings, models and project management information such as erection, fabrication drawings, shop drawings, etc.

This Building Information Modeling (BIM) software helps SketchArt all through the course of a project. Tekla Structures is used for the overall project management of steel structures apart from generating 3D models and 2D shop drawings, erection drawings, fabrication drawings, etc. The entire quantities of a particular steel project complete with their dimensions, their running lengths, their weight in steel and hence their rates may be derived using TEKLA Structures.

Some minor modifications or changes for the betterment of a project, maybe easily be done by using TEKLA Structures. Any additions or subtractions from the overall 3D Model may be changed quite efficiently and from time to time depending on the changing requirements of the client. TEKLA Structures being a Building Information Modeling tool helps determine the possible clashes and errors that may arise due to the overlapping of the services provided in a building.

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