The “greening” of manufacturing in the sense reducing waste and pollution by minimizing the use of natural resource, reusing and recycling waste, and reducing emissions.

Step by step procedure for Green Manufacturing:

  1. Design
  2. Procure
  3. Manufacture
  4. Packing and Distribution
  5. Customer use to end of life
  6. Remanufacture

And the cycle continues….

Applications of Green Manufacturing:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Green Chemistry
  • Automobile design and Manufacture+
  • Product Design

One area of green manufacturing the metals industry can excel at, is in recycling and reusing waste materials. Many service centres and manufacturers have processes in place to collect, reuse, and recycle scrap material. This can be as simple as collecting scrap in designated bins or boxes and recycling the material at designated intervals.

Not only does participation in eco-friendly manufacturing practices support environmental efforts, but it also can improve a manufacturer’s bottom line, boost employee motivations, and demonstrate social responsibility to the outside world. With all these things combined, taking a look at ways your manufacturing efforts can get a little greener might be worth your while.